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About me

Patrick Kobelt Gonzalez
Born 6 September 1988

Through the power of my pictures, I capture the stories of tattooed individuals in a unique and unforgettable way.

Patrick Kobelt Gonzalez' passion for photography led him to pursue his dream relentlessly never held back by the alleged obstacle of being colorblind. Turning his weakness into his biggest strength, he is nowadays renowned in the world of international tattoo photography for his unparalleled ability to use light and shadow to accentuate the bodies of his tattooed models. The result are pieces of pure and raw art. Himself not being tattooed, this is surely an extraordinary talent.

Behind his camera, he brings out the best in everyone. His easy-going, professional and open-minded manner puts even inexperienced models at ease inspiring their confidence.
Relying on extensive experience, he knows exactly how to emphasize each individual's personality and body type to its best advantage. Knowledgeable he guides his models by advising them on posing, body posture, expression, and choice of outfit and props. Consequently, his portfolio consists of a wide variety of different people and characters.

The guiding principle of his photography is best summarized in the following sentence: "The unforgettable expression in people's eyes when I show them their pictures for the first time - it means everything to me and truly confirms that I'm doing something right."